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Amazon Return Policy Opened - Amazon is known to have one of the most customer-friendly return policies in the eCommerce world With easy to read and understand return and refunds terms,  When it comes to dealing with instances of returns and refunds, many companies find themselves ill-prepared  This lack of preparation takes the form of clumsy support interactions when . But this only leaves the door open for their competitors down the line Amazon's return policy is so complicated that each category of items  A look at the worst retailer return policies & better alternatives, including: Target, Zappo's, Best Buy, tigerdirect, office max, office depot, apple, and Costco . Computer programmer Greg Nelson is a self-confessed Amazon addict, Amazon voluntarily extends this policy so items can be returned  Greg Nelson has bought 343 items from the online giant since 2014 But after sending 37 back he is now blocked from using it and can’t reclaim his credit balance . Does anyone really know what Amazon's too-many-return policies is? “All open orders were canceled, I just could access digital content  Does anyone really know what Amazon’s too-many-return policies is? After a user gets banned, some are starting to get a little nervous about how many items

5 Powerful Lessons From Amazon's Returns Policy - Return too much stuff to Amazon? to abusing its return policy can raise alarms, such as returning the wrong item or making frequent returns The online retailing giant revealed in a Wall Street Journal report it will ban people who abuse their service over a long period of time We're all guilty of a little catch and release when it comes to Amazon shopping, but what happens if you do it *too* many times USA TODAY . Where REI gets rid of the customer returns, open box , and slightly damaged goods for According to Amazon Warehouse Deals Return Policy . Let's start with the basics: Amazon's standard return policy allows or open software; online subscriptions that have been accessed; gift cards;  Before you add any of these items to your Amazoncom shopping cart, be absolutely sure you want them